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We provide a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defaults on hand tools and a 1 year warranty for manufacturing defaults on pneumatic tools. Tool warranty must meet certain conditions and exclusion's not limited to normal wear and tear, rust, burnt, abused and modified. This includes damage as a result of deviation from intended normal use, willful or negligent destruction.  Pneumatic tools must oiled regularly in line with product instructions supplied.

Step 1.

Download and review Ampro Warranty Terms & Conditions 

Step 2.

Download and complete Claim Form 


Step 3.

Return Claim Form with proof of purchase and the tool to : 

a. your place of purchase

b. Ampro Australia Pty Ltd

    Parcel Collect 10158 73733

    Customer Collection Center

    Tullamarine Business Center

    Shop 3, 5 Tullamarine Park Road

    Tullamarine VICTORIA 3042

Please ensure your subject tool is securely wrapped and returned with the completed for.

Step 4.

Please email a copy of the claim form and postal tracking number to

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